Racing Engine Builders

Racing Engine Building and Modifications

Increase your engine’s torque and raw horsepower, get a wider power curve,and get ready to race!

Maximize your engine’s power output, widen your power curve, increase the torque, and shed pounds from your curb weight with the racing modifications we can do for you.

We’ve worked on all kinds of race engines, from muscle car drag racers, to circuit racing street cars, to mud bog monster pickups.

We’ve even done work on Honda Civic roll-over competition car engines!

Increased Displacement

Increase the volume of each cylinder, forcing more fuel to taken in on each intake stroke, creating a bigger explosion upon firing. Bigger bang = more power!

Several methods can be used, including using lower profile pistons, re-boring the cylinders to a larger diameter, using shorter conrods, and a crankshaft with a longer stroke.

Increased Compression Ratio

By increasing the compression ratio, the fuel in the engine is under higher pressure when the sparkplug fires, creating even more pressure during the explosion, and returning higher power to the wheels.

This can be accomplished by using longer conrods, higher profile pistons, physically removing metal from the bottom of the cylinder head, or using a crankshaft with a longer stroke.


The crankshaft is the largest moving part in the engine. If it’s not perfectly balanced, it WILL cause unnecessary vibrations, especially at high RPM. The faster you run the engine, the more vibration. This vibration will also be very hard on the rest of the engine and possibly the car.

A balanced crankshaft can increase your maximum RPM, improve response and power curve. We also offer balanced pistons and other parts essential to maximizing performance.

Increase Flow Capacity

High performance valves, replacement seats, and high performance cams with extra lift can increase the flow of fuel through your engine, producing higher power capacity and better throttle response.

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