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Camshaft Regrinding & Polishing Services Vancouver BC
Camshaft Regrinding

The camshaft is considered the “heart of your engine”, determining how much air and fuel enters  it.  We make sure the proper cam is selected to best  suit your application.

Grinding  & Polishing

A smooth surface on all camshaft load bearing points, as well as proper angle and amount of lift is essential to good engine performance. Our perfectionist machinists grind & polish camshafts to within half the tolerances of manufacturer specifications.

Crack Inspection & Repair

By using our Magnaflux magnetic crack detection system, we can be sure there are no flaws in your camshaft or any other steel parts. The slightest crack can cause unpredictable performance or complete failure.

High Performance Camshafts

Camshafts are available with higher lift and more duration, increasing the flow of fuel and air through the engine, allowing higher RPM, more horsepower and greater torque!