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Crankshaft Grinding

Being the largest moving part in your engine, the crankshaft requires precision machining, which is why so many car repair shops have been using Alec’s Automotive in Vancouver since 1948.

Whatever your application, you can rest assured your crankshaft will be perfectly machined.

Crankshaft Grinding & Micro- Polishing

A precision grind is curtail to long engine life and high performance. Our perfectionist machinists grind & micro-polish crankshafts to within 1/10,000th of an inch tolerances, less than half that of manufacturer specifications.

Crack Inspection & Repair

By using our Magnaflux magnetic crack detection system, you’ll know there are no flaws in your crankshaft.
This is critical because the slightest crack in your engines crankshaft can cause a complete engine failure.

Engine Balancing
 — For Long Life, High Performance and A Smooth Ride

Your engine if not perfectly balanced…  WILL cause unnecessary vibrations, especially at high RPM.
The faster you run your engine, the more vibration and stress it places on all components.

A balanced engine will allow for higher RPM, maximizes horsepower and extend engine life while giving you a nice smooth quiet ride.