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Cylinder Heads, Valves, Seats, and Guides

The flow of air and fuel through your engine is controlled by the cylinder head & valves.

A proper valve job ensures smooth power and performance from your engine.

Grind & Polish Valves & Seats And Replace Valve Seals

By machining your valves and valve seats, you can maximize the efficiency of the fuel flow control system and minimize power loss through badly seated  valves.

Head surfacing

A smooth level surface on the cylinder head ensures a good seal with the entire surface of the cylinder block. This is even more crucial with today’s MLS gaskets.

We can also lower the profile of your head by removing metal from the mounting surface, increasing the compression ratio and power output of your engine.

Seat & Guide Replacement

Too much valve guide clearance is the number one cause for oil consumption. Also, it will not allow the valve to properly seat causing a compression loss.

We can replace your existing valve guides and precisely set the appropriate clearances.

Over time the valve seats can wear and cause poor valve seating. We can cut out the original seats and install hardened seats repairing the problem and preventing  it from reoccurring again in the future.

Port Cleaning & Modifications

Intake and exhaust ports are essential to efficient engine operation. We thoroughly clean all the ports on your head using chemical process as well as manual inspection and spot cleaning of carbon buildups.

Ports can often be restricted by casting flaws and imperfections.

We can remove any of these imperfections allowing for better flow and optimum performance.