Motorcycle season is just around the corner!

Spring has arrived, and with summer just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to pull your motorcycle out of storage. If your bike wasn’t running at its best at the end of last bike season, right now might be a great time to take it apart.

Alec’s Automotive Machine Shop can help you with getting your motorcycle back into tip top shape. At Alec’s we can provide you with a wide range of motorcycle machining.

Whether you need your cylinder bored out for a new piston, or your cylinder de-glazed for new piston rings we can help. We also machine many different cylinder heads; from dual valve, to multi valve, we can get the job done. Here is a before and after shot of a recent Suzuki DRZ 400 valve grind and surface.

DRZ 400

DRZ 400 Head Apart

The cylinder head was taken apart using our valve spring compressing machine. The valves are then tumbled in our parts cleaner and the springs, retainers, shims and keepers are put into our jet wash for cleaning.

DRZ 400 Valve grind

Carbon Build up and wear on valves & seats

After the head is disassembled we clean the ports and combustion chamber using wire brushes. The valve guides are checked for wear and replaced with new ones if necessary. We then take the valves and check for any excessive wear, if re-useable we grind them on our valve grinder. After that we grind the valve seats to make a perfect seal with the valves.

Suzuki DRZ 400

Carbon free, freshly ground valves & seats

The gasket surface of this cylinder head was checked for wear and was machined flat to insure an even mating surface with the cylinder. Don’t forget, low spots on the gasket surface, can cause head gasket leaks.

DRZ 400 Valve grind and parts

Parts cleaned, Head machined, Ready to assemble!

The head is now ready to be assembled! After installing the proper valve stem seals we re-assemble it, then use our vacuum tester to make sure the valves are sealing 100 percent on the valve seat, and then paint it. This gives it a like new condition.

CB350 Valve grind

Honda CB350


Honda CB 350 Rebuild


We don’t only do cylinder head work, we can do all sorts of machine work. Broken stud removal and heli-coil repairs can also be done if you’re having a hard time getting that stubborn stud out.

Whether you’ve got a dirt bike, street bike, or a cruiser. Alec’s Automotive Machine Shop can help you get the most out of it!

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Alec’s Automotive On Ice!

Hey everyone!

Alec’s Automotive has recently joined up with ! We have 2 ice racing cars, one 1989 crx and a 1987 honda civic.

We also sponsored the annual 2hour enduro race which was a success!

Unfortunately the ice race season is over until next year in January, but if you are interested in finding out more about ice racing go to the carsonice website for all the rules and regulations.

If you have any other questions about rebuilding you ice racer or any other race car, contact us directly at 604-876-7111 or by email at [email protected]